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Welcome Florida and Texas

Two new Sister Libraries programme participants!

Cedar Creek Elementary School from Texas, US would like to

expand the world views of their pupils

Also from US, Florida-based Riverhills Elementary School for International Studies is especially looking for a Spanish speaking Sister Library, as

We are school focused on international studies. Our school language program is Spanish. We would like to share resources, experiences, and ideas with another country to gain insight about the World Around Us.


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First October participant

Welcome new Sister Library participant: Penza Regional Library for Children and Young Adults

We want to learn the experience of other libraries from different countries, to find interesting ideas and methods of working with our readers. And of course we are ready to show you the activities of our library. Together we could help children and young adults find educational and entertaining foreign books, needed information and even new friends. Also we could organize and hold library events on different topics (nature, culture, history and etc.) with famous people of our cities. We could virtual travel through the cities and regions of each other.

Nadeshda from Penza writes about her library:

The Penza regional library for children and young adults is a modern center of reading, information, creativity and entertainment for children and teenagers. The Penza regional library for children and young adults was founded in 2005 by the merger of the regional children’s library (1956) and the regional youth library (1977).

Being the heiress and the guardian of their best traditions, our library develops new forms and methods of the work, integrates it into the General cultural context in the form of innovative projects.

The universal librarian fund consists of more than 193 thousand books, 6000 CD’s and audio-visual materials, 3 thousand electronic publications, 396 names of periodicals. Each year the fund is replenished on the average 3 thousand new receipts.

The library serves more than 33 thousand users. They are given over 974000 documents.

Every year the library organizes more than 470 books and illustrations, art and decorative art exhibitions. It organizes and holds about 750 mass events on different topics. There are 4 clubs in the library: family club «Alive spring», musical club «Accord», club of the studying regional history «Spark», club of the decorated art «Work for hands – joy for heart». The library is fully computerized and connected to the Internet.

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