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Activity My Favourite Book/Mon livre préféré/Mi libro preferidoImage

This activity is based on the idea contained in the book My Favourite Book by Amy Reggio published by Friends of African Village Libraries. It is available in a English, French and Spanish. For more information or to order copies please go to http://www.fastpencil.com/publications/3453-My-Favorite-Book  and  www.favl.org

We have a limited number of copies of My Favourite Book in English, French and Spanish available to support Sister Libraries who are prepared to commit to undertaking this activity. To obtain a free copy of the book please contact Viviana Quiñones  viviana.quinones@bnf.fr .  

 Purpose of the activity

  • To get children talking about their favourite books
  • To create a ‘book’ of them with their favourite books
  • To share their favourite books with the children in their Sister Library

Outline of the activity

  • Read the book to the children that you are working with as it is a perfect introduction to this activity.
  • Get the children looking at a range of books and talking to each other about the kind of books that they like reading
  • Get them to then choose their favourite book (picture book, story book or information books) either alone or in small groups
  • Get them to write a sentence or two about why it is their favourite book
  • Take a photo of them holding their book (either in the library or elsewhere in the community e.g. their home, their school, the park, with their friends or family)
  • Create a book with each child’s photograph and the text of why it’s their favourite book and make a cover for your book (you can make a paper copy or a digital copy using the computer or both)
  • Make a copy of the book for your library and send a copy of your book to your Sister Library (if you can why not try and translate the text into the language of your Sister Library and include both languages in your book, so that your children experience both languages)
  • Enjoy reading the book that you receive from your Sister Library
  • See if any of the books that are the favourites of the children in your Sister Library are available in your country and if so get your children to read them
  • You might also like to follow this up by making a you tube video version of your book

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Nos es grato compartir con Uds. El Proyecto de Bibliotecas Hermanadas,
propuesto por la Uds. El mencionado Proyecto permitió un Encuentro
Intercultural Latinoamericano en nuestras escuelas: Primaria y Secundaria!!!!!!!

Dejo la ruta del enlace.


Saludos Cordiales

Patricia Acosta
ESB N°18



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Carolynn Rankin of Leeds University in the UK conducted the evaluation and presented it at IFLA conference in August 2012 : ” An evaluation of the IFLA Sister Libraries programme – development, challenges and progress in the first two years of an international network

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