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Welcome Florida and Texas

Two new Sister Libraries programme participants!

Cedar Creek Elementary School from Texas, US would like to

expand the world views of their pupils

Also from US, Florida-based Riverhills Elementary School for International Studies is especially looking for a Spanish speaking Sister Library, as

We are school focused on international studies. Our school language program is Spanish. We would like to share resources, experiences, and ideas with another country to gain insight about the World Around Us.


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Report by Susanne Brandt on new activities on 3 Dec 2010

More than 30 children in the library of Westoverledingen created together a big tree for the children in Pozega. Like the picture book of Lio Lionni “The alphabet Tree”, they wanted to show, how the letters are forming words, and those words making sentences. More importantly, it shows that all things must work together to obtain harmony. The book is an excellent example of teamwork, and without it, these letters and words could not have done or accomplished anything on their own. At the end, the children searched for the word “peace” in different languages – and now the “Tree of peace” will be a present for the children in Pozega and maybe an inspiration for new ideas round about the world of words.


Making of the tree

Making of the tree


Leaf notes
Leaf notes
Proud work shown

Proud Contributors

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A wonderful surprise!

Update on 22 Sep 2010 by Susanne Brandt << Public library Westoverledingen, Germany>>

What a wonderful surprise!

Surprise from Prozega public library

Some weeks ago, we have got a big letter with bookmarks, made by our friends in Pozega Sister Library. Now the first little group of young children, 6 and 7 years old, opened the letter and got bookmarks as a present. They were very interested in the dried plants and flowers and asked a lot about nature and life in Serbia. They also tried to read the words at the bookmarks – names, best wishes, tips for favourite books and short informations. And we helped them to read it because they are all beginners in school.


Stories through pictures by the childen

The children cannot write long texts themselves because they are too young – but they can tell wonderful stories of their own about flowers! They looked at the flowers on the bookmarks again and again – and they began to tell me stories about the flowers. They communicated their ideas with little pictures on paper. And I noticed the words they told to me!

We will send five stories and some little pictures to the children in Pozega because all the stories are inspired from the bookmarks! And we will invite other groups the next weeks and month to do other creative things with the lovely bookmarks and to learn something about Serbia.

Thank you very much for the fantastic presents, dear friends in Pozega!

Here’s – for example – one of the little short stories in german language, the children told me:

Wie die Blume ins Lieblingsbuch der Prinzessin kam von Darja Es war einmal eine Blume, die schickte ihre Samen hinaus in die weite Welt. So kam es, dass der Wind einen Samen bis zum Schloss der Prinzessin trug. Bald wuchs am Weg, der zum Schloss führte, eine kleine Blume. Die Prinzessin freute sich, als Sie bei ihrem Spaziergang die Blume entdeckte. „Was für eine schöne kleine Blume“, staunte sie. Sie bückte sich und pflückte die Blume ab. Sie wollte die Blume gern für sich behalten. „Wenn ich die Blume in eine Vase stelle“, dachte sich die Prinzessin, „dann ist sie bestimmt schnell verblüht“. Also legte die Prinzessin die Blume zwischen zwei weiche Papiertaschentücher und packte die dicksten Bücher aus der Schlossbücherei auf die Blume. Sie wartete drei Tage und drei Nächte. Als sie die schweren Bücher wieder an ihren Platz zurück stellte, war die Blume darunter ganz platt gedrückt. Vorsichtig klebte die Prinzessin die Blume auf einen Streifen aus Pappe. „Das ist mein schönstes Lesezeichen für mein liebstes Buch“, freute sich die Prinzessin.

Welches Buch mag das wohl sein?

For more information and updates check out the library site (in German)  http://www.lesen-weltweit.de/zeigen.html?seite=8824

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 Report by Daniela Skokovic, librarian


During the Summer Reading Program we organized an activity to make surprise presents for our friends in Westoverledingen sister library.  I have noticed that my collegue Susanne Brandt pays attention to nature projects working with children so I tried to connect books and nature . We made bookmarkers with dried plants and flowers from our region.  We found information about Latin and German names for the plants.  We wrote short text in German about every flower and also children wrote down their names and messages about reading,  favourite books…  I hope they like it!  We sent the letter with bookmarkers and now we are expecting reactions from Westoverledingen.

Children making bookmarks

The creative process

Completed bookmarks!

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Sincere thoughts by Daniela Skokovic << Librarian of Pozega Public Library, Serbia >>

The first step in participating in IFLA Sister libraries project is easy. All you have to do is to fill the application form, make contact with a librarian from your chosen library and then start the magic for your children. Exchanging ideas, projects and plans is an interesting and exciting journey for you and your  users.

Our first joint action we named “Treasure chest“. Our children enjoyed in creating handmade small books full of messages about themselves, our city and country.

Children's works

Treasure chest activity

We have two groups of children in this activity – those who learn German as a foreign language in school helped the younger ones to write and  to learn their first words in German. We also prepared the exhibition “Germany from A to Z“ with some interesting facts and photos. 

Connecting children with our new German friends is an excellent way to teach them values of friendship, tolerance and other cultures.

“Treasure chest“ is the first joint action of our two sister libraries but that is also a symbol of our future cooperation – we opened our minds and hearts for more jewelry thanks to IFLA Sister libraries project.

More photos available here :





Bibliothèque publique de Pozega, Serbie – Bibliothèque publique de Wetoverledingen, Allemagne

Le premier pas pour participer au projet IFLA Sister Libraries est bien facile : tout ce que vous devez faire est de remplir le formulaire d’inscription, contacter le bibliothécaire que vous aurez choisi, et la magie commence pour vos enfants. Echanger des idées, des projets et des plans est un voyage exaltant pour vous et pour vos usagers.

Nous avons appelé notre première action conjointe « Le coffre à trésors ». Les enfants se sont amusés en créant avec leurs mains des mini-livres pleins de messages sur eux-mêmes, notre ville et notre pays.

Nous avons deux groupes d’enfants pour cette activité : ceux qui apprennent l’allemand comme langue étrangère à l’école ont aidé les plus jeunes à écrire et à apprendre leurs premiers mots en allemand.

Nous avons aussi préparé l’exposition « Allemagne de A à Z », avec des informations intéressantes et des photos.

De mettre nos enfants en rapport avec nos nouveaux amis allemands est une excellente manière de leur apprendre l’amitié, la tolérance, et d’autres cultures.

« Le coffre à trésors » est la première action conjointe de nos deux bibliothèques partenaires, mais elle est aussi le symbole de notre future coopération : nous avons ouvert nos esprits et nos cœurs à davantage de trésors, grâce au projet IFLA « Sister libraries ».




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This is open to all libraries that are paired up in the programme.  To share your updates on the blog.  Do email Ian Yap at ian_yap@nlb.gov.sg (The Blog Editor).  Thank you for contributing to the cause. 



Este blog esta a la disposicion de todas las bibliotecas inscriptas en el proyecto. Si quiere publicar un texto sobre su experiencia, por favor mandelo por e-mail al editor ian_yap@nlb.gov.sg Gracias! (tambien puede simplemente responder directamente a los textos publicados)


Ce blog est ouvert à toutes les bibliothèques inscrites au projet. Pour partager vos expériences, poser des questions, etc., envoyez vos textes à ian_yap@nlb.gov.sg. Merci!

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Account by Soizik Jouin << Directrice de la bibliothèque Chaptal, Paris, France >>

For me, dialogue and exchanges with Mtein library are really enriching and exciting. I am fascinated, at each of Maha’s e-mails, at all that is done, without a big budget, at this small library, and that makes me want to do more things myself. The list of Arab books that Maha gave me was very useful for us to know which titles are the best and which are preferred by children. This has enabled us to enlarge our offer, since we (Paris library network) order all books in Arabic at the same distributors, and we have a tendency to order all the same titles.

On the other hand, I would like to help Mtein library more, sending them books or supporting their projects, but we are often blocked by complex technical, financial and administrative constraints, and it is a pity. We have realized that maybe it is better to focus on just one big project, plan it long in advance (one or two years) so as to organize all and find partners. At any rate, “Sister Libraries” is an excellent way to open up to the world, to meet fascinating people, to get out of routine and discover other ways of exercising our profession, and I recommend colleagues to take part in this adventure.


Pour ma part, l’expérience de dialogues et d’échanges avec la bibliothèque de Mtein est toute à fait enrichissante et passionnante. A chaque mail de Maha, je suis émerveillée de tout ce qui est fait, sans beaucoup de moyens, dans cette petite bibliothèque, et cela me donne l’envie et l’impulsion pour en faire plus de mon côté. La liste de livres arabes que m’a donnée Maha nous a été très utile pour savoir quels sont les meilleurs titres et ceux qui marchent bien auprès des enfants. Cela permet d’élargir notre offre car nous (les bibliothèques de notre réseau de la ville de Paris ) commandons tous les livres en arabe chez les mêmes diffuseurs et nous avons tendance à acheter tous les mêmes titres.

Par contre je souhaiterais pouvoir plus les aider en leur envoyant des livres ou en les soutenant dans leurs projets mais là on est souvent bloqué par des contraintes techniques, financières et administratives complexes, et c’est bien dommage. Nous nous sommes rendu compte qu’il valait peut-être mieux se focaliser sur un seul gros projet, le prévoir à long terme (un à deux ans à l’avance) pour pouvoir tout organiser et prévoir des partenariats. En tout cas, les « Sister librairies » sont une excellente façon de s’ouvrir au monde, de rencontrer des gens passionnants, de sortir de nos habitudes et de découvrir d’autres façons d’exercer notre métier et j’engage d’autres collègues à se lancer dans cette belle aventure.

Soizik Jouin
Directrice de la bibliothèque Chaptal, Paris, France

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