Browse your map to find the location of latest participants to Sister Libraries programme and see why they want to be part of the program.

Kopavagur, Iceland:

We are always looking to broaden our horizons and wish to learn new things and new approaches to working with children in the modern library.

Shaler North Hills, Pennsylvania US:

Some of our students have not had the opportunity to leave our county. We would love to provide an opportunity that will allow technology to bring students together. Due to the nature of adolescence, teens tend to find interest in subjects that have a personal relevance to them. Getting to know others in a distant nation would afford them a connection, making the study of current world events more meaningful and more worthy of attention. We would like to implement this program with rising and current seventh and eighth graders, ages 12-14.




Fresh pairing in Sister Libraries program: Le CLAC – Centre de lecture et d’animation culturelle de Yaoundé in Cameroon and Le Petit Bibliotheque Ronde from France. Congratulations!  We are eager to hear later about the results Francophone co-operation.

Are you registered on Sister Libraries programme and still “single”? Check again the list of participants. There are many new public and school libraries as well as other organizations ready to establish a partnership!

We will start presenting the new participants here to help them (and all of you) find a suitable library partner. Freshest member is Lutino Adunu from Uganda:

Lutino Adunu is a Community Based Organization registered with Nwoya District Local Government in Uganda. The organization was established to promote education for children in post-conflict northern Uganda. Lutino Adunu envision a transformed society where children’s educational rights is held in high esteem. The mission of the organization is to promote educational learning and support through community library, sponsorship and establishment of a school for re-building the lives of children in the post-war northern Uganda.
For more information, please visit www.lutino.org

sister libraries

The Sister Libraries partnership between the public libraries in Brasov (Romania) and Silute (Lithuania) aimed to make a PowerPoint presentation (or Prezzi), entitled Capsule of Culture. The objective was for each partner to present himself, in this way the partners to know each other. Children and young people, coordinated by teachers and librarians were also involved.

The thematic workshops have proposed several challenges to the teams: to discover the meaning of words culture and identity, to collect and share information about their country and think about the differences and similarities between peoples. Using the information and resources of the libraries, children were able to define where they live by what is specific.

See the presentations as they are more suggestive than the words:



Apart from the presentations, the meetings were interactive, the children teaching how to work in a team, how to find information in the library and how to define themselves, developing skills useful throughout their lives. It was a project everyone involved has enjoyed to work in.

[Ruxandra Mozare]

1115_color_cover_frontCette activité est basée sur l’idée du livre Mon livre préféré de Amy Reggio publié par les Amis des bibliothèques des villages africains (Friends of African Village Libraries). Il est disponible en français, en anglais et en espagnol. Pour de plus amples informations, ou pour en commander des exemplaires, rendez-vous sur les sites http://www.fastpencil.com/publications/3453-My-Favorite-Book  et www.favl.org

Nous disposons d’un nombre limité de Mon livre préféré en français, en anglais et en espagnol destinés aux bibliothèques engagées dans le projet Sister libraries qui souhaiteraient mettre en place cette activité. Pour obtenir un exemplaire gratuit de ce livre, contactez Viviana Quiñones viviana.quinones@bnf.fr 


Objectifs de cette activité

  • Amener les enfants à parler de leurs livres préférés
  • Les amener à créer un livre qui parle de leurs livres favoris
  • Partager leurs livres préférés avec les enfants de leur bibliothèque-sœur


L’activité en pratique

  • Lire le livre aux enfants avec lesquels vous allez travailler constitue une introduction parfaite à cette activité.
  • Amenez les enfants à consulter un large éventail de livres et à parler entre eux des genres de livres qu’ils affectionnent lire.
  • Ensuite, chaque enfant va choisir son livre préféré (fiction ou documentaire), seul ou en petit groupe.
  • Chacun va alors écrire une phrase ou deux sur les raisons du choix de son livre.
  • Prenez les enfants en photo avec leur livre (à la bibliothèque ou dans le quartier, par exemple chez eux, à leur école, au parc, avec leurs amis ou famille).
  • Créez un livre avec les photos et les textes explicatifs des choix des enfants et choisissez une couverture pour le livre (vous pouvez créer un exemplaire papier, un exemplaire numérique à l’aide de l’ordinateur, ou les deux).
  • Gardez un exemplaire pour votre bibliothèque et envoyez-en un à votre bibliothèque-soeur (si vous le pouvez, pourquoi ne pas essayer de traduire le texte dans la langue de votre bibliothèque-soeur et produire un livre bilingue, afin que les enfants rencontrent ces deux langues).
  • Lisez avec les enfants qui ont participé, le livre votre bibliothèque-sœur vous a envoyé.
  • Voyez  si des livres favoris des enfants de votre bibliothèque-soeur sont disponibles dans votre pays et si vous pouvez vous les procurer pour les faire lire aux enfants de votre bibliothèque.
  • Vous pouvez également reprendre cette activité pour faire une version “You Tube” de votre livre.

Activity My Favourite Book/Mon livre préféré/Mi libro preferidoImage

This activity is based on the idea contained in the book My Favourite Book by Amy Reggio published by Friends of African Village Libraries. It is available in a English, French and Spanish. For more information or to order copies please go to http://www.fastpencil.com/publications/3453-My-Favorite-Book  and  www.favl.org

We have a limited number of copies of My Favourite Book in English, French and Spanish available to support Sister Libraries who are prepared to commit to undertaking this activity. To obtain a free copy of the book please contact Viviana Quiñones  viviana.quinones@bnf.fr .  

 Purpose of the activity

  • To get children talking about their favourite books
  • To create a ‘book’ of them with their favourite books
  • To share their favourite books with the children in their Sister Library

Outline of the activity

  • Read the book to the children that you are working with as it is a perfect introduction to this activity.
  • Get the children looking at a range of books and talking to each other about the kind of books that they like reading
  • Get them to then choose their favourite book (picture book, story book or information books) either alone or in small groups
  • Get them to write a sentence or two about why it is their favourite book
  • Take a photo of them holding their book (either in the library or elsewhere in the community e.g. their home, their school, the park, with their friends or family)
  • Create a book with each child’s photograph and the text of why it’s their favourite book and make a cover for your book (you can make a paper copy or a digital copy using the computer or both)
  • Make a copy of the book for your library and send a copy of your book to your Sister Library (if you can why not try and translate the text into the language of your Sister Library and include both languages in your book, so that your children experience both languages)
  • Enjoy reading the book that you receive from your Sister Library
  • See if any of the books that are the favourites of the children in your Sister Library are available in your country and if so get your children to read them
  • You might also like to follow this up by making a you tube video version of your book