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Are you registered on Sister Libraries program and still “single”? Check again the list of participants. There are many new public and school libraries as well as other organizations ready to establish a partnership!

We will start presenting the new participants here to help them (and all of you) find a suitable library partner. Freshest member is Lutino Adunu from Uganda:

Lutino Adunu is a Community Based Organization registered with Nwoya District Local Government in Uganda. The organization was established to promote education for children in post-conflict northern Uganda. Lutino Adunu envision a transformed society where children’s educational rights is held in high esteem. The mission of the organization is to promote educational learning and support through community library, sponsorship and establishment of a school for re-building the lives of children in the post-war northern Uganda.
For more information, please visit www.lutino.org

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The Sister Libraries partnership between the public libraries in Brasov (Romania) and Silute (Lithuania) aimed to make a PowerPoint presentation (or Prezzi), entitled Capsule of Culture. The objective was for each partner to present himself, in this way the partners to know each other. Children and young people, coordinated by teachers and librarians were also involved.

The thematic workshops have proposed several challenges to the teams: to discover the meaning of words culture and identity, to collect and share information about their country and think about the differences and similarities between peoples. Using the information and resources of the libraries, children were able to define where they live by what is specific.

See the presentations as they are more suggestive than the words:



Apart from the presentations, the meetings were interactive, the children teaching how to work in a team, how to find information in the library and how to define themselves, developing skills useful throughout their lives. It was a project everyone involved has enjoyed to work in.

[Ruxandra Mozare]

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La Petite Bibliothèque Ronde à Clamart (France) présente dans son site son partenariat avec la Bibliothèque  de Mtein (Liban) : des échanges, et plein de projets en devenir!

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We organized a session at IFLA conference in San Juan, where we shared news on Sister Libraries :

114 libraries have registered (86 had registered a year ago)

11 partnerships have been made.

The first paired libraries received the set Little Books for Little Hands (see the post).

All paired libraries received the Sister Libraries poster, especially designed by the Spanish illustrator David Pintor :

Sister Libraries poster, by David Pintor


Some Sister Libraries prepared short videos for the conference. Here are the links, they are really worth watching ! :

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HuJUSaJuRCg. (Haïti-US)

http://youtu.be/w5ZepTxDjyU (Serbia-Germany)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1AJKNt52Cus (Lebanon-France)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bsV7Im5ZY4E (Burkina Faso)

Ruxandra Nazare, from Romania, showed a great PowerPoint presentation : Romania-Serbia

We are sure these videos and PowerPoint will inspire other libraries!

A system of “Godmothers” has been installed, where registered libraries can write to, or be contacted by, members of the Standing Committee of IFLA section Libraries for Children and Young Adults.

Don’t hesitate to write to them :

English-speaking libraries  : Annie Everall (annie@alannie.demon.co.uk) , Kirsten Boelt (kbt-kultur@aalborg.dk), Ingrid Källström (ingrid.kallstrom@kulturhuset.stockholm.se)

Spanish-speaking libraries : Ingrid Bon (ingrid.bon@biblioservice.nl) or Viviana Quiñones (viviana.quinones@bnf.fr)

French-speaking libraries : Viviana Quiñones (viviana.quinones@bnf.fr) or Cécile Trévian (cecile.trevian@agglo-sqy.fr)

German-speaking libraries : Kerstin Keller-Loibl (loibl@fbm.htwk-leipzig.de)

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“The 16 books from the ‘Petites mains’ series that we received allowed us to do several activities in our libraries. When opening the package, I was touched to find small books that meet the needs of children who love reading. They are written in simple French, with short sentences and are nicely illustrated. This led me to organize reading sessions at the libraries with children of average reading level, to encourage a love of reading. The first session took place under the thatched-roof awning of Bereba’s library with 17 primary school students. Even prior to me distributing the books, all the children were excited about reading because they were so impressed by the shape of the books. Each child was able to read their chosen book with few mistakes and with much satisfaction. They were proud to each be able to make a summary of the book at the end. Books with titles including: “The Zebra and the Crocodile” and “Riddles,” were those most appreciated that day because the content was easy for them to understand. Since that day Ali Kafando (a reader) has become one of our most loyal readers as he was able to read 6 books that day. Children continue to come to the library to consult these books. For me, this collection draws children to read.”

Sanou Dounko
Activities Coordinator
Friends of African Village Libraries/ FAVL http://www.favl.org"Little books for little hands" in Burkina Faso

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Les 16 livres de la collection “Petits livres pour petites mains” que nous avons reçus, nous ont permis de faire des séances d’animations dans nos bibliothèques. Il faut noter qu’à l’ouverture du paquet j’étais touché de voir des livres aussi facilement transportables et qui répondent aux besoins des enfants qui aiment la lecture. Avec un français très simple, de courtes phrases et des illustrations bien faites . Ceci m’a poussé à programmer des séances de lecture avec les enfants aux seins des bibliothèques pour les enfants moyens en lecture, afin de leur donner le goût de la lecture . La première séance a vu la participation de 17 enfants du primaire et a eu lieu sous le hangar de la bibliothèque de Bereba. Avant de finir la distribution, tous les enfants étaient concentrés à la lecture tellement ils étaient impressionnés par la forme des livres. Chaque enfant a pu lire avec moins de fautes le livre choisi, avec satisfaction. Ils étaient et fière de pouvoir faire chacun un petit résumé. Les livres avec pour titres, Le zèbre et le crocodile, Les devinettes sont ceux que les enfants ont appréciés, compte tenu de leur contenu, aussi simple à comprendre . Ali Kafando (un lecteur), depuis ce jour est devenu un de nos fidèles  lecteurs, car ce jour même, il a pu lire 6 livres . Depuis lors les enfants viennent pour consulter ces livres . Pour moi, cette collection attire les enfants à la lecture.

Sanou Dounko
(animateur, Amis des Bibliothèques de Villages / FAVL)  http://www.favl.org

Une lectrice de la collection "16 petits livres pour petites mains"

Une lectrice de la collection "16 petits livres pour petites mains"

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